Thermal Process Validation

PhF is recognized as a low acid canned food process authority by USFDA. In this capacity, PhF conducts validation studies on processes and equipment, establishes thermal processes, audits firms for compliance with USFDA regulations, and registers firm and processes with USFDA. We have experience with a wide variety of products-vegetables, meats, beverages, and seafood-packed in continuous and batch sterilizers. We have validated steam, water immersion, water spray, cascading water, & steam air/air sterilizers and have experience with rigid, semi-rigid and flexible packages.

HACCP Plan Development

PhF Specialists has developed HACCP plans and pre-requiste food safety programs for fast food restaurants, catering, meat, seafood, canned goods, fresh produce, beverages, juices, nutritional supplements and other products.

Third Party Food Safety Auditing and Certification

PhF is also recognized as a third party auditor by the following companies and organzations: Kroger, Albertson's, Con Agra, Campbell Soup, C.K.E. Enterprises, International Packaged Ice Association, Association of Food Industries, Almond Board of California, and others.

Nut Validation

PhF is a certified process authority for the Almond Board of California and conducts validation trials on almond processes in order to validate pasteurization processes. We have done the same for pecans and pistachios. We have experience in blanching, steam pasteurization, oil roasting, dry roasting and propylene oxide (PP0) processes.